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Bold Naviforce 48mm Quartz Watch


Boldly Go Where Others Dare Not

Paying homage to the same type of sandwich dial that was made popular by Panerai, this Bold Naviforce goes the extra mile by measuring in at a staggering 48mm in size.  Reminiscent of the era of maritime divers undertaking dangerous missions in enemy waters, this watch makes it easy to see exactly what time it is no matter what the conditions are.

If you take a closer look, hidden in its massive dial is a perfectly embedded full calendar function on the watch face so you can know the exact date and time at all times.

Color coded with an exacting set of stitching on the durable leather band, the specially selected Hardlex pane allows the watch to be water resistant up to a depth of 30 meters.  If you choose to accept the calling, wearing this masterful timepiece will show the world that you are not ashamed of having distinguished taste.

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